Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jack, Church and a Good Day

Jack spent some time with us this evening while his folks were occupied. We had a good time. He even was able to watch some of the Iowa caucus coverage as well as the 90th anniversary of the Harlem Globe Trotters. He and I rolled a ball back and forth across the coffee table. And, he is getting pretty astute at stopping a moving ball and throwing it. He can throw with either hand. We got to early church this morning and had a visit with the Preacher during social hour. In his sermon he talked about financial giving and said he had never received any formal training on the subject. During our visit, I was able to tell him of my belief that the curriculum for a divinity degree should include at least 6 hours of economics.
I was pleased to have Virginia tell me of having been told about "The Crows Nest" blog page and how she enjoys it. I mentioned to her how to go to the "search block" on the home page and enter "Church Organ" and see what all would come up. I tried it this afternoon and it brings up several of the things I had written on the subject over the past 5 years. Jack's favorite toy at our house is this little truck. He likes to roll it and even makes some noise to make it more real. He also "lights up" and waves "bye" when he sees a car or truck ad on TV. We try to read stories to him but he doesn't have the interest in listening that he has in actually doing something. That may be one of the differences between a boy and a girl. He seems to be all boy but still enjoys resting his head on my chest.

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