Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jacks Visit on a Family Birthday

Jack had a good visit with us this morning which gave his Mother a bit of time to do some things alone since Sadie was at preschool. He arrived while I was still in the bathroom and was able to watch me shave. He looked rather quisically as I applied my shaving cream. He may have never seen that done before. He enjoyed putting his 22 pounds on the bathroom scale and smiled when the scale made a noise as he jumped a little. Elaine was feeding him when I got home from coffee. After he topped it off with half a banana, he backed his way down the stairway to the lower level where he played with a toy truck and "danced" to polka music. Elaine even helped him get in the swing of it. The picture was taken after Julie came to take him home. We thought his Viking stocking cap was cute. It has little horns but they don't show up very well. He doesn't like to have anything on his head and pulls it off at times. We missed the snow that was forecast for last night. While we may have had a flake or two, their are areas within 50 miles to the south and southwest that got up to seven inches.

I'm doing this blog page on our HP PC in the lower level since I still haven't been able to get my laptop to open to enable me to add pictures nor to write a script. This is an important date in Vrana family history. It was on this date in 1937 that my sister and brother, Janice and Jerry were born. While Mother was supposed to go to the Hospital in Seward for the delivery, we had a blizzard drifting the roads shut making the 15 mile trip to Seward impossible. Old Dr. Strough was brought out part of the 4 miles from Garland and Dad was able to bring him on out with horses and wagon. He and two older neighbor ladies were able to deliver the twins.

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