Saturday, January 30, 2016

Our Lincoln Years

I pulled out a DVD this evening that included some pictures that had been converted from 35mm slides. This is one of the 4 kids in the backyard at our house on Hartley street in Lincoln, where we lived from 1958-1962. They are seated on a "Wagon Wheel Bench" made from an old Flowerday farm chassis. Those 4 years in Lincoln were a very interesting chapter in our lives.There was only one house between ours and the Pershing Elementary school which they all attended. Carolyn's best friend lived in that house and they spent a lot of time together. Verlon and Tim were both involved in Cub Scouts, played Little League baseball and played Flag Football. Jon started to school and learned to play the Ukulele while we were there.
 My job with the Soil Conservation Service went from Construction Inspector, to Watershed planner, to Administrative Trainee during those 4 years. In addition, I accumulated some 70 hours of college credit from UN-L. Elaine also got some college hours and worked for an Insurance Co. She also taught a Sunday School class. We don't know how we were able to do it all but being young and having good kids is what made it all possible. They were good years. 

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