Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Task around the House

This is our bird feeder as seen out the kitchen window with a squirrel's tail showing while he eats from the other side of the feeder. It has been said that a study of history reveals that, "It's just one damn thing after another". Elaine reminded me at the breakfast table that I needed to change the light bulb in her closet. (I don't think it had been changed in the past 20+ years) I got out our step ladder, loosed the screws to remove the globe, and as I unscrewed the bulb there was a flash of light and the base of the bulb remained in the light socket. I knew the circuit breaker needed to be flipped before attempting to remove the broken base but flipped several before getting the right one. I then used a needle nosed pliers, removed the base and put in a new bulb. My next task was to do something to keep the squirrels from the bird feeder. I had earlier greased the 1/2" pipe they crawl up but that didn't stop them. Noticing a worn out florescent light bulb in the garage, I took it out by the deck, popped off both ends and slipped in over the pipe as shown in the picture. I didn't think there was any way they could crawl up 3 feet of glass but it did. Then when I went down to use the PC, I got the message that it had been shut down improperly (when I flipped the circuit breaker) and it took considerable time and effort to bring it back to life. Some people worry about what they can do to keep busy in retirement and I can tell them that "It's just one damn thing after another". It was a good thing we had Jack with us for a few hours to brighten our day.

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