Sunday, January 17, 2016

Oil Painting of Memories

Carolyn brought down an 18 x 24"oil painting of one of my families happiest memories. The date was August 7, 1948, Mother’s 48th birthday. She and Dad had been to Sahn Chevrolet in Seward and drove home a new’48 Chevy Fleetline for $1,909. Don, Janice, Jerry and I looked under the hood and Vivian took our picture. It was the first new car the folks had since the ’29 Model A Ford. A ’37 Chevy filled the gap in  1941. There were few if any automobiles produced for the public during WW II and a limited number available during ’46 & ’47. The folks had been on a “waiting list” in ’48 to get the Fleetline. It was the most appreciated new car that I can remember.
The car has some personal memories to me since I was able to drive it on some of Elaine and my dates leading up to our engagement. The folks also let us drive it on our Wedding Trip to California during June of 1949. Don also had the pleasure of using it as his “dateing” car with Gladys. The folks kept it for several years. It was eventually damaged considerably when Janice was alone and driving here in Seward. Another driver failed to stop at a stop sign and broadsided her on the right side. This was before the days of seat belts but fortunately, she was not hurt. We happened to be out at the farm pond fishing  where Don and Gladys were living, the day the accident happened. The car was wrecked but the memories are well preserved. Thanks for the gift Carolyn, It has been hung in a location where we will see it daily. 


  1. Glad you like it, Dad. I'm happy to hear the background story!

  2. Love the stories and the pictures Uncle Bud! Keep them coming.