Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow in D.C. Good Day in Nebraska

Elaine and I went to Lincoln today and took my laptop to Computer World where a nice young man got me set up on FireFox for my blog pages. We then went to our favorite restaurant, the Olive Garden (summer picture) and had our Soup, Salad and Bread stick special. We even stopped at Super Saver in Fallbrook and got some bulk peanut cluster among other things. I called Jon and Mary this evening and learned they are all set for the snowstorm that is bearing down on the D.C. area. Jon had been out to Indianapolis and their meeting broke up early so they could get home last night. Mary said she got the car filled with gas last night by waiting in line and that the grocery supply in the stores was very low. The predicted high winds are causing considerable concern about electrical power. Back in 1966 while we were in the D.C. area, we had a major snowstorm on January 29-30. According to my Diary, it started snowing about 4:30 and by bedtime on the 29th, we had about a foot of snow. "It snowed until noon the next day. The wind blew up to 50mph. It was the worst blizzard in a number of years. I helped Verlon deliver Sunday papers and we waded through snow up to 3 feet in depth. A state of Emergency was declared."
On February 19, 1979 we had another big snowstorm in the D.C. area. The temperature got down to -16 degrees at Dulles airport. We had much more snow in the Mantua area where we lived than the 21" reported. It was on the Washington Birthday Holiday and Government employees got the next day off as well. One of our neighbors had a snow blower and several of us did a lot scooping to get things opened up. I have a picture of a yardstick stuck in the snow on top of our picnic table on the deck and only about 6" of it shows. So this isn't as exceptional as the news media makes it appear.

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