Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Antonia & Joseph at the Vrana Farm.

I pulled up a CD that Cousin Phil had sent us back in ’04 which included these pictures of our Grandparents. It was taken at the “Vrana farm” where we lived and where all family reunions were held. This could have been a 50th Wedding Anniversary. This is the farm where I lived from 1932 -’47. Those 15 years seemed like an eternity in comparison to the last 15. The Grandparents had come over from Czechoslovakia in 1873 and settled in Saunders Co. where my Dad was born. They moved to this Seward Co. farm 4 miles NE of Garland in 1903. One of my regrets is not having learned more about their early lives. Grandfather was never comfortable trying to speak English but Grandma was very bilingual. Grandpa could read and write Czech but Grandma never learned to read or write. She didn’t even spell her name and yet she taught all of us Grandkids a lot about life. 
When the Grandparents retired they moved to Bee and left all the machinery and livestock at the farm. Uncle Joe’s lived there for a couple years before we moved out from Seward. Eventually there was a farm sale and my Dad bought what was necessary for us to keep farming. This picture shows Uncle Joe and a neighbor scooping wheat into a grain bin. This wagon is one of the many things Dad bought at the auction. It is the wagon in which I husked some 130 bushes of corn one day when I was 18 years old. 

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