Wednesday, January 13, 2016

President Truman in Seward

President Barack Obama’s 2nd visit to Nebraska today prompted the Omaha World Herald to do a front page story on presidential visits to the State. George W. Bush holds the record of 9 visits to the State as a sitting President. He is followed by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan with each having made 4 visits. George H. W. Bush was here 3 times and the following were here twice: U.S. Grant, Wm Taft, Woodrow Wilson, H.S. Truman, Lyndon Johnson, R.M. Nixon, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. They explained that Truman was in Omaha to dedicate Omaha’s Memorial Park on June 5, 1948 and was through the State in May of 1950 as part of a western trip. I remembered going down to the Seward Depot and have a picture in my mind of seeing him standing at the back end of his RR car addressing the crowd for a few minutes as the train headed on west. While I remembered the event, I didn’t remember the date. When the OWH mentioned May of 1950, I was able to go to my #2, 5-year Diary and read on May 8,1950, “Saw President Truman go through Seward on train tonight”.

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