Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hearing Jack’s Words

Jack & Tony
Jack was here when I got home from coffee and stayed through lunch. He sat on my lap for about an hour and was fascinated with my glasses case, pen and note pad. He knew that the pen was used with the note pad and even tried to make notes. He wasn’t too anxious to leave when his Mother and sister came by to pick him up. Elaine and I went down for an appointment with Dr. Hofker, her audiologist. She reported her difficulty with the hearing aids and after putting her through further tests, made new molds and will switch to a different brand of aids. It will be 2 weeks before the new ear buds will be available. So for the next two weeks, she can relax and not worry about what she may not hear.. We are optimistic that this new product will work and will do whatever we can to make it do so. We all want to hear Jacks new words. 

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