Saturday, January 2, 2016

Great Ideas and Family Visit

The arrival of Kiplinger’s magazine today with all these great ideas, was timely in that I spent some time on an “end of year” balance sheet. 2015 was not a very good year for investments including life insurance policies. Like many “small investors”, I make more mistakes in selling than I do buying. It will be interesting to see what this year brings with the Presidential election, etc. All indications are that it will not be a very good year for the stock market and related investments. 
We are pleased to have Mary with us this evening as she  is reunited with Jon and Anna who have been here for the past week. Mary wasn’t able to get away from the VA Hospital where she works in D.C. when Jon and Anna came out but they were able to meet her at the Lincoln Airport this afternoon. Anna was born while they lived here in Seward from 1990-1996 so it is always interesting for them to get back and renew old friendships. I even took advantage of Mary’s medical knowledge by showing her some of my recent medications and was able to ask about some of the side effects. I have learned some new “computer tricks” already from Jon as well as enjoying our discussion of H. H. Bennett and the early days of the USDA Soil Conservation Service. We plan to take them along to Church with us tomorrow morning where they will see some of the folks they worshiped with back in the ’90’s. 

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