Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jack, our Great Grandson

Great Grandson Jack was here with Elaine when I got home from coffee this morning. I didn’t get my jacket off before he wanted to come to me and play. Elaine was pleased that he came to her when Julie brought him in the house. It takes so little to make him happy. He knows where many things are around the house and what it takes to “turn them on”. He is now walking to wherever he wants to go. It’s surprising how much he can carry while walking. This picture was taken on my laptop with “photo booth”. He likes to hear the sound the computer makes when he touches certain keys. I was a bit surprised to find what all he had done on the computer and have a feeling that he did more than I have found. We did some shopping this afternoon after he had gone home. I bought a little Mickey Mouse doll for him. It has a “button nose” and Jack likes to pull the nose of any of his teddy bears. I think he will like this one.

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