Saturday, January 23, 2016

Big Snows in Washington, D.C. Area

In my blog page yesterday, I told of the "big snow" we had back on the Washington, D.C. area on February 19, 1979. The Official amount was listed in the downtown area at 21 inches. We lived out in the Mantua area about 15 miles from downtown. I felt that we had between 24-30 inches. These pictures give some idea of the depth of it. There is nothing like a snow storm to promote getting acquainted with neighbors. We had lived here for over 3 years before the big storm so already knew most of the immediate neighbors.
This was taken in our back yard just off the deck. Our property covered about a half acre with the back yard all in native trees. We had many birds and even had a Pileated Woodpecker occasionally. They are big birds that measure 17" according the Golden Field Guides on Birds of North America. We lived on Arlington Ridge Road about a mile or two south of the Pentegon for 11 years before moving out to Mantua. While at that location, I met a retired Colonel while we were out scooping snow. He invited me in to meet his wife who had close relatives in Dwight, NE. They were people that I had known so we had a good visit. We even got together with them occasionally after that chance meeting. Our 18 years in the Washington area were most interesting, but we made the right decision to come back to Nebraska when we did.

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