Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Julie

Today is Julie’s birthday. This is one of my favorite picture of her and her GranDad, as she called me. I believe it tells a lot about the relationship we enjoyed. What she didn’t realize at that time, was how important she was in helping us cope with the transition we were going through. There was never a doubt that we made the right decision in coming back to Nebraska after taking early retirement. However, we were overwhelmed by the pressures of a full-time job with the State and demands of the farm. It would have taken a “Farm Manager” and a crew of about 4 working full time to get the house, the out buildings, farmstead and land in the condition we wanted. We hadn’t learned to accept a lot of things in unacceptable conditions and Julie was the “spark of light” that helped show us through the darkness of our dilema. She seemed to know just what to say and do to make things better. Her enthusiasm was contagious which got us through those difficult days. We continued our close relationship after 
moving to town. She always walked over to our house from grade and middle school which was nearby. We enjoyed her High School days and was most proud of her scholastic and musical abilities. She and John were in competition for “1st Chair” in the Sax section of the Jr. High and HS Bands. We were pleased to see her get a couple degrees from UN-L, and work for Martha Stewart in New York City.But what made us happiest is when she and John decided to get married and live here in Seward. We now have the pleasure of doing a bit of “care giving” to Sadie and Jack. So “Happy Birthday Julie”. I hope you will always be as happy as you look on this picture .

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