Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Family Chevys

This picture was taken out at Flowerday's farm in late 1952 or early '53. The family Chevy's are shown with: (l-r) Elaine with Verlon and Tim, Les, Albert, Bill and Alice. The cars are all late 40 or early 50 models. Alice's husband (Elaine's brother Dale) was in Korea with the Army at the time. We bought our '52 on July 5, 1952 from Louis Sahn in Seward for $1,985. While my salary with the Soil Conservation Service was low for a GS-5, I was also involved with a landscaping activity that helped us save enough to buy the new car and pay for it. We also bought our first Television set on October 21, 1952. I bought a used 18' length of 2" galvanized pipe from Marvin Tobin's salvage yard which I strapped to the Chimney on top of our little house on which we placed our TV. Antenna. We had friends up to our house to watch the election returns a few days later where General Eisenhower defeated Adlie Stevenson to become President of the United States. President Eisenhower  referred to the increasing Communist threat as a "Time of Tempest" in his Inaugural Address on January 20, 1953. We were well into the Korean War and ready to bring it to a settlement. ( Dale got home on july 12, 1953.) The newAdministration moved quickly with Government reorganization plans. The Lincoln, NE Regional Office of the SCS was eliminated and personnel assigned elsewhere. It required Richard Cheney, Sr. and his family (including his junior high son, Dick who would later become Vice-President) to move from Lincoln to Casper, Wyoming as the SCS State Administrative Officer.

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