Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Democracy needs and Educated Society

My blog page of September 7, 2015 told of the Lincoln Journal Star adding the Celebrate section of their Sunday edition of the Comics.. The Celebrate section included pictures of young people becoming engaged, those with wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Combining these pictures with the Comics was obviously a money saving move. We have since learned to cope with the change. Yesterday's daily paper contained only 2 sections like those shown from this morning's edition. It was indicated that the 2-section format would be utilized for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday papers. Want Ads are one of the items left out of these abbreviated editions. I asked a friend yesterday for his reaction, but  he reads the on-line version so was unaware of any change. Is that where we are headed. The on-line version pops up on my home page so will read some of the headlines, but for me, it's not like going through a newspaper. This same fellow said his family is among the over 50% of homes in the United States that don't have a land line telephone. I can't help but wonder if this "headline" depth of reading, conversation and thinking,  has been a factor in Donald Trump's popularity. Is this what we want or can the cyber medium be developed to provide greater depth of understandin?. More importantly, can people be disciplined into getting enough data and factual information to support their positions and make intelligent voting decisions.

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