Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Change in the Systen

This little guy sat on my desk for a number of years. Elaine bought it for me as a reminder to not take myself too seriously. The look on his face comes close to expressing how I feel as I work on the blog page this evening. During the past 5 years while writing this page, I developed a very simple system of bringing pictures on to the page and then writing the message. Often I brought up additional pictures. While attempting to follow the normal process last evening, and having reached the stage of “brousing” for the picture, I had a Google “pop up” asking me to sign in. After entering my user name and password, a page of various browsers came up. I went through several procedures but was unable to satisfy the selection of a different browser. I visited with a “professional” computer technician this afternoon who was familiar with the problem. It seems that Google is looking to have blog writers use gmail and store pictures in a manner that might be better controlled. It will certainly complicate things. I was able to use my PC to put this picture on the page but don’t know how much longer that will work. 

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