Monday, December 21, 2015

Preschool Program at Seward Civic Center

We attended Ms. Karen’s preschool program at the Civic Center this evening that included Sadie Owens, our Great Granddaughter. The program began with “Story Time” and moved into group singing. That is where Sadie really shines. It’s amazing how many songs those little kids know and can sing. We have had very little involvement with preschool since we couldn’t afford it for our own kids and had only a minimum amount of involvement with Julie’s preschool experience. I have been very impressed with what it has done for Sadie with only a few months of participation. There are many factors involved in “early childhood education” but learning social skills and discipline are vital for their future.  Sadie can be seen in this smaller picture as the 4th little child from the far end of the line. She did recognize us during
story time and gave us a very discrete little wave. While the audience included many Grandparents, It appeared that there were many Great Grandparents there as well. Seward is a great community for multigenerational families. We also continue to be pleased with our Civic Center which has served the community for nearly 50 years. It was a gift to the City from the estate of an early Seward family. Their Trust also provided farm land to provide for continual maintenance and additions that have taken place. I was fortunate in being involved in the original landscaping of the building back in 1956. While most of it has been replaced, a spruce tree at the corner of the lot remains and has been decorated with lights. It is adjacent to State Highway #15 and enjoyed by many people passing by.

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