Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

We were back out to Owens’ for gift opening and Brunch before 10:00am. It was a “Sadie and Jack” show but with presents all around. This picture was taken after Brunch by John with the use of a Selfie stick Tripod that I received as a gift. As “nap time” approached, we went home for the afternoon and a lengthy telephone visit with Tim. Then back out for a Prime Rib Christmas Dinner. It included all the trimmings including Pumpkin Pie and Cheesecake with chocolate frosting. It was all delicious. I ended up feeding Jack the last of my cheesecake. One of his favorite gifts was a little “Hex bug”; a little multi legged, battery powered item that crawled by vibration of the flexible legs. Sadie’s favorite may have been her painting easel where she used water colors or  the “food processor” or “mixer”. She enjoyed everything. This Christmas story will make an interesting addition to my chronology of every one since 1940 when I started keeping a Daily Diary/Journal. I got it out this afternoon and thumbed through a few pages. It brings back a lot of happy memories as I “transitioned” from being a kid to a Great Grandfather. The meaning of Christmas, and family, have been  guiding lights throughout those 75 years. 

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