Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nativity Scene History

This Nativity Scene has been a part of the Christmas Season at our house for many years. It sets on the table in the entry way at our front door. The painting was done by a friend some years ago who has since moved to the State of Washington. It was the home where Dad was raised as well as where I “grew up”. The house was the birthplace of my twin brother and sister when a raging blizzard blocked the roads and a Country Doctor was brought out with horses.  Marilyn painted it from a picture taken in the early ’50’s”. The house was demolished some 50 years ago but we did take her out to visit the site where I was able to point out some details like my “tree house” that didn’t show real well on the picture.  Elaine made the little barn from a pattern in the Successful Farmer Magazine when we lived in Lincoln. Some of the characters are plaster of Paris made and painted by the Kids. The Camels came from the Washington Cathedral when we lived in the D.C. area. The Bible was Elaine’s from her confirmation. (It has her name on the front cover). The little animals are attractive to Sadie and Jack but they are both learning that they are among the few things you don’t play with when you’re at Great Grandma and Great Grandpa’s house. 

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