Monday, December 14, 2015

Blue Valley Community Action

Kelsey Peterson, a newKiwanis member, gave the program this noon on her activities as Director of the Blue Valley Community Action Program in Seward County. To many of us, it was an “eye-opening” account of many people in our county with financial problems. Our Club has been involved with the Back Pack program, Home Delivered Meals, Reading for Children, etc. for a number of years but she spoke of needs far beyond what many of us were aware. She was very complementary of the generosity of some of the businesses in the community, the County Government, and local people in general. But had the numbers to show how young families have difficulty making ends meet during current economic conditions--even if they are fully employed. It raises the question with some of us who remember the depression of the 1930’s as to the difference between then and now. Maybe it was easier to “get by” in the “30’s since we were all poor and didn’t expect much. 

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