Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Grandpa Ben and Jack

Just looking at this relaxed fellow, with a grandson on his arm and Pip on his lap, you wouldn’t think that he might need a pacemaker. But he had one installed yesterday and is back home today with guidance on diet, life style and an optimistic outlook. Carolyn has been busy with Ben so we have had the opportunity to do some of the baby sitting that she normally does. Jack was at our house for 2-3 hours this morning and we enjoyed every minute with him. Among other things, he and I spent some time in my closet looking at my boxes of shoes. His favorite was a pair of SAS  shoes from the Valley of Texas. I read the story to him about their plant at Brownsville which he enjoyed and then found the extra pair of shoestrings in the bottom of the box. In his excitement, he swung the box lid around and a corner of it hit his face between his nose and eye. I think that's the first time he got hurt at our house.
Earlier, Elaine had him help turn on the Christmas tree lights and he has the privilege of picking off some of the decorations. This morning is was a little gold bell that rang. Playing with it and Elaine’s tender words is what it took for him to quit crying. Jack is shown here as he looked this morning playing with Sadie’s little toy dog. She left it here for him to play with while she went to preschool. Jack and Ben are already good Buddies and I expect that he and Grandpa Ben will have many good times together as Ben becomes accustomed to the Pacemaker and Jack continues to “soak-up” knowledge and an appreciation of everything that anyone does for him. 

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