Thursday, December 24, 2015

’T was the Day before Christmas

We woke up to heavy, wet snow falling which continued until about 9:30am. By then we had received 6-7”. We were scheduled to do Home Delivered Meals so I got out the snow blower, cleaned off the driveway and over to the hospital through some snow covered streets, to pick up the meals by 11:20. Few of the streets had been cleaned on our route and it was necessary to use “landmarks” to “plow through” the snow. We were pleased to see the temperature rise, some sunshine and the job the City Street Department did in getting the streets cleaned during the afternoon
We had a “full-house” at the 5:00pm Christmas eve Church Service. It was a beautiful service with the Organ, Hymns, Scripture Readings, a Duet, Rev. Dale’s sermon on, “ready or not...”, and the candle light service of every ones candle being lighted from the “Christmas Candle” as we sang, “Silent Night”. We concluded with the singing “Joy to the World”. Then we went out to Owens and joined them, Jerry & Bev, Ben & Carolyn for Soup Supper. Sadie and Jack each opened a couple presents. As bedtime approached, John and Sadie got some cookies and milk set out for Santa Clause. It was a Great Christmas Eve Day

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