Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas of ‘81

Here is Julie and I as we celebrated the Christmas season in 1981. She really liked this little horse and rode it many miles. After she “out grew” it, the horse went to Indiana where Maggie put many more miles on it. Our Christmas tree in the picture is a native Red Cedar that we cut from the pasture out at the farm. There has been a lot of water flow down the Big Blue River since this picture was taken. Many changes have occurred and yet many things remain the same. The “Koch Mantle Clock” still sets on top the credenza, which is still in the exact same spot  as shown in the picture. The clock was a 1913 Christmas present to Elaine’s Koch Grandparents from their 10 children including Elaine’s mother.  The love and relationship between “Gran dad” has not just stayed the same but grown over the years. She brought Jack down to spend some time with us this morning. When she came to pick him up, he took several steps to her when she was very close to the same spot in our living room as she is shown here on her horse.   I wonder if Jack would appreciate a horse for Christmas.                    

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