Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bottle Rocket Brewery

Bottle Rocket Brewery, LLC opened here at Seward in time for this past Oktoberfest. It is in a downtown facility built as a “Seed House” and used for the past several years as a “Flower Mill”. The Seed House was a historic Seward business that included multiple generations of the Campbell family. I recall harvesting some 50 bushels of Yellow Sweet Clover seed back in 1948 and Dad selling it to them. They would “process,” clean, check germination, bag and resell to producers or other seed dealers. We bought seed from them over the years and sold them Certified Trailblazer Switch grass seed when we produced it in the 1980s. Gerald and Jason have done a great job of retaining the historic seed mill fixtures such as the elevator with little cups, that is visible back by the bartender. They also have pictures and other historic memorabilia attractively displayed. Jon and I enjoyed a couple of their Holiday Craft beers. I told the Bartender that mine was so good that it hardly tasted like beer. I can envision this becoming a very popular spot for Concordia College students as well as for many people here in the local community. 

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