Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Season

I sang with the Kitones at the Kiwanis  Head Start Christmas Party this noon at the Civic Center. This has become a traditional Kiwanis project for the community Head Start children and families. Several of our members devote a lot of time to this program. My contribution of a dozen oranges and singing was very insignificant in comparison to what many people do. Including Jack, who appeared on the scene as we finished singing, “Here Comes Santa Clause”, and started handing out presents. Elaine and I went from the party to Seward’s Winter Wonderland. The window display was very inviting. Our first stop was for a ride on the “Polar Express”. Juanita was in charge of the exhibit and demonstrated the trains passing through the Christmas Villages . It was most impressive, and the interesting thing is that it is all put together by volunteers with mostly their own stuff.
The "Snoopy with Charley Brown" display was another very special one. The Seward Area Chamber of Commerce and the volunteers that make this available are to be congratulated and thanked. We finished off the afternoon by attending the Concordia University Christmas Concert at St. John’s Lutheran Church. It was most impressive. There must have been over 200 students involved and the only word I can think of to describe it is “Fantastic”. It told the Christmas Story with Scripture, Vocal and Instrumental Music. 

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