Thursday, December 31, 2015

Past, Present & Future

Jon and I were unsuccessful in attempting to scan 35mm slides into the computer with a couple small “scanners” I had bought some time ago. I had never been able to get them to work very well but thought maybe Jon could discover something  that I had missed--no luck. So, we took the logical approach, set up the projector, used the kitchen wall for a screen, and Jon took pictures with his smart phone. We have had many of our old slides scanned at Sam’s and Walmart over the years, but  we have many that were not. We would like to go back through and select some more but with the price up to 50cents/slide, we considered alternatives. This pictures is one of the statue of James Joyce in Dublin, Ireland that was taken a few years ago. Elaine and I took a Globus Tour to Ireland, Whales, Scotland and England. We had an excellent tour leader, bus, hotel accommodations and wonderful companions. 

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