Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sadie at our House

Sadie and Carolyn spent some time with us this afternoon. We have had Jack out our house a few times recently but Sadie hasn’t been here for a while. Carolyn brought her tricycle along and she enjoyed the round trip through our dining room, kitchen, hall and back to the living room. She likes to pose in front of the full length mirror on the door in the hallway that leads to the lower level. She helped me take apart a battery powered candle from our front windows to replace the battery. In the process, I misplaced the end piece that held the battery in place. Even Elaine helped look for it. Sadie  reached over and picked it up from on top of a book in my briefcase that was setting next to my chair. She knew exactly what we were looking for after helping me take it apart but thought it was pretty good for her to spot and recognize what it was under all conditions. When we complimented her on the find, she commented that her glasses help her to see better. We really enjoyed her and Carolyn’s visit. I wish she was here tonight to watch “The Polar Express” with us. It’s a great film. 

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