Saturday, December 12, 2015

Joys of the Holidays

Jack spent some time with us this morning while his parents took his sister Sadie to a violin recital. He enjoys pulling the little bell down off the Christmas tree and then having someone put it back on. It must be at a level he can reach. He is a very “sharing “ little guy as demonstrated by handing the bell to someone and then making enough motions to make sure it is put back on the tree. It’s amazing how well he can communicate without the use of the English Language. I wish he was here with us this evening watching “Mary Poppins”. He would enjoy it and may not even press any buttons. 
We got down to Walmart this afternoon and I found a little toy for him that lights-up when a button is pushed. I plan to substitute it for my TV remote that he can “work”, but it takes a bit of creativity to get it back to the Army-Navy game. I picked up this big 1 1/2 lb. box of Whitman’s Chocolates as well. I’m quite sure that the first gift  I gave  Elaine was a “Whitman’s Sampler”. There are few things that have remained as constant over the years. I’m sure the candies have changed but the box remains the same. We must have another piece of candy as we enjoy Mary Poppins and all the antics involved. 

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