Tuesday, December 29, 2015

History is Relatives

History is all relative, depending on your perspective. What is history to my children I consider Current Events for someone that has lived three score and one years. During my visit with my folks, I have had a chance to explore materials that are history to me, but reflect life experiences of my dad. I have tapped into my dad's memory, old books, magazines and pictures for  a research project on Dr. Hugh Hammond Bennett, the “Father of Soil Conservation” and the early days of the Soil Conservation Service. Dad has a copy of the Winter, 1946-47 issue of “The Land”, a quarterly Magazine because of an article by Hugh H. Bennett. I have enjoyed reading the magazine, not only for Bennett’s article about the “Trip to Malabar," but others in the issue on conservation. 
Dad started to work here in Seward in the spring of 1948, so between my dad and I, we have worked nearly 68 of the Agency’s 80 years of existence. We have also worked over a large geographic area, variety of positions and grade level from SP-3 to the Senior Executive Service. To make this history even more personal, my dad has provided me the opportunity to browse though a few pages of his old 5-year diary where he wrote of his early SCS days. Jon

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