Saturday, December 19, 2015

Nativity Display

This is the new Nativity display at our Methodist Church here in Seward. It replaced a smaller one that had been used for 23 years. The old one had been purchased with Memorial money following my Mother’s death in 1990. We did receive a phone call in regard to the change before it became public which we appreciated. Our first reaction was a bit of disappointment but this display is much larger and really much nicer. We have enjoyed it and appreciate it being donated. It also fits in to the “change” mode that seems to get shorter as we grow older. For young people those 23 years are a generation but for some of us, they have slipped by pretty fast. We continued to receive more Christmas Greetings today from old friends and even got some more sent on their way. We Nebraskan’s got a great "gift" this evening with the University of Nebraska Girls Volley Ball team winning the National NCAA Championship. Congratulations to Coach Cook and the Team.

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