Friday, December 4, 2015

Recycle Center

Elaine and I get to the Recycle Center about every 2 weeks. The City has changed the hours of operation during the past few weeks so we are still getting used to the change. There is an attendant there now for much more of the time. He is shown here sorting out our plastic material which we just toss in an old clothes basket. He had opened the door of the “Fox Baler” where a block of plastic cans had been compressed. Elaine always takes care of the cardboard while I handle the newspapers, slick paper, tin cans, aluminum cans and the plastic. The whole operation has evolved considerably from the days
back in the 1980’s when the Isaac Walton League operated the center out of a couple old trailers. I remember wearing googles and crushing glass items in a barrel. I’m not ready to take this collection of Golf Books to the Recycle Center until I further consider eBay, Craig’s List, Garage Sale, or EtCetera. The Green book is “The World Atlas of Golf” It features the great courses and how they are played. This 280 page, hardback book was published by Gallery Books in New York City with the latest reprint date of 1987. There are 170 courses in 43 countries listed.

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