Saturday, December 26, 2015

Our Samsung Flip Phone

We are among the few people who still use a flip cell phone. Carolyn fixed it up for us a few years ago and while we carry it when leaving town or making  long distance calls, we seldom ever turn it on. We haven’t used it enough to learn how to do other than the basics. It has been over a year since attempting to add a new number to the contact list which was today's challenge. Some people put together Jigsaw, Crossword puzzle, etc for challenge but I have all I need with electronic devices. I get along best with the Apple Mac Book which I bring up a few times a day. My PC and I get along OK for many things but am still learning to even be comfortable with an Apple I Pad used once a month for a Board on which I serve. I’m still learning and being challenged by my LUMIX Panasonic camera. The electronic age has brought about a whole new way of thinking. Off-on switches didn’t require much thinking but now required to study directions, learn to do things in various ways, seek help from “young people” and try to use “Logic”. I have concluded that everything on a computer or electronic device is simple, once you know how to do it, and, do it frequently. 

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