Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jack and the News

Jack spent some time with us this morning. He is a good eater and hardly had one bite in his mouth before he was ready for the next one. We weren't sure what it was that Julie had "processed" and brought along for him to have. It looked like ground squash but sure it was more than that.Elaine also fed him some banana but forgot to get the Yogurt out of the refrigerator for him. I was very conscientious after our Kiwanis program on "Child Development" that I tried to do as much as I could to help him. Julie dropped him off just after I left for coffee but as it turned out, I got back early to help her with him. I'm writing this on our HP PC because of problems trying to bring pictures onto a page with the PC. I've got Kris Kristofferson singing to me as I tap away on the keyboard so it works pretty good.

We have a Magazine Club Christmas Party  tonight. It seems like we just got done with our round of Christmas parties and here we go again. We also are planning to stop by the Edward Jones Holiday Open House. We have listened to a lot of the news on the San Bernardino, CA, shooting. That is really a puzzle. While it is difficult to understand how anyone can go "off their rocker" and commit such a crime, it is even more difficult to understand how two people, especially with a little child of their own, could do something like that. It is unfortunate that mass killers are so often killed or commit suicide and are unable to be questioned. While it's recognized that the problem is bigger than further gun control, it seems that making assault type weapons more difficult to acquire and own might help.

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