Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Blessings

We had the pleasure of having Sadie and Jack with us for a few hours today. It is a blessing  to be able to spend time alone with them at this stage. Sadie has grown so much during the past few weeks and continues to amaze us with her vocabulary and understanding. Julie left a DVD that she enjoyed watching while holding her doll and making calls on a toy flip phone we had for her. We have not used our DVD player very frequently and had to relearn the controls. She did get a bit frustrated with us during the movie when she needed to go potty and asked us to “pausit”. After getting her clothes ready to go, she stood in front of the TV, pointed at the screen and said, “pause it”, so I did and she went on her way. Jack also had a good day and always adds to my day. When he holds out his hands to come to me, it’s a reminder of the trust and love that families share.
Jack’s first stop is always the Christmas Tree where he has a couple little bells that he takes off the lower limbs, rings, hands them to me to play with, and then can put them back on the tree. He takes more steps each time we see him but can still crawl faster. He and I enjoy going down to our “lower level” where he can play with toy trucks and listen to Polka music. He showed his enjoyment of the music by his facial expression and body movements. While my Dad’s Mother and Dad came over from Czechoslovakia, the Czech heritage is quite diluted after 5 generations. However, some Vrana traits show through. 

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