Monday, November 30, 2015

Sixpence for Early Child Development

Katie, Morgan and Daina presented the Kiwanis program this noon on the “Sixpence” project in which they are all involved. Sixpence is designed to provide parents and soon to be parents the opportunity to bond and develop strong relationships with their children. Parents learn to be their child’s first teacher, promote learning within the home environment, and encourage and support curiosity within the child’s play. Learning begins at birth. Sadly for many infants born at-risk, the achievement gap begins shortly thereafter. In 2006, a group of people came together and passed LB 1256, establishing Sixpence to address this problem. By investing in the early years it is anticipated that children who are at risk have the best opportunity to succeed in school and throughout life. They do that by providing a range of services including home visitation and center-based services that offer safe, responsive and stimulating environments. The program is implemented through the schools, and the Seward program includes Milford and Centennial as well as Seward. They currently have 18 children involved along with their parents. The ladies indicated that they provide guidance to the parents, and they are the ones to actually work with the child. There are usually 3 visits/month where at least 180 minutes/month of guidance is provided. Decades of scientific research tells us that the first few years of a child’s life is when the most rapid brain development occurs. Infants and toddlers are forming key relationships, developing trust, and exploring the world around them.`

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