Thursday, November 12, 2015

Preparations for Winter

Elaine and I have been through the days of exchanging storm windows and screens twice a year from the time of our first little house. So, when we bought our current house and it had quality Pella windows, we added combination aluminum storm/screens on the outside, on the north and west windows before the first winter. It was a good decision. We finished the switch to “winter mode” today by dropping the lower glass windows into place by releasing the little notches that holds them up during the summer. It is a very simple process but does involve a little finger strength and care. It is also an ideal time to clean the window sills. 
Our doors are another matter. They each have an “insert” with glass for winter and with screen for summer. (the upper half of the door) It is somewhat akin to switching like we did the old storm/screens at our first house but a lot easier. The key is in having them marked to be able to put them in properly. Back before we got them marked, it was always a challange. We have now completed the switchover on both windows and doors. We have hot water, baseboard heating and a separate air conditioning system which still needs to be “winterized”. Our AC system is in the attic with the heat/exchanger outside. The ceiling AC vents need to be closed and the warm air intake vents closed and covered with magnetic pads. We have had Black Hills energy check the furnace as they relit the pilot lights after laying new pipelines this fall. I’ve also exchanged my short sleeved shirts for the long sleeved ones from the lower level closet. 

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