Saturday, November 14, 2015

Beautiful Day in Seward, Nebraska, USA

This is the way our front yard looked this afternoon following our cleaning up of the leaves. I went over it with the mower just to chop up the leaves first and then picked them up with the grass catcher in place. I also chopped up the leaves that had accumulated along the curb but left them for the City Street Sweeper to pick up. The dark material at the bottom of the picture is part of a red barberry hedge in from of our entryway. Nebraska won the football game over Rutgers by a score of 31-14 which brings the season record to  5 W- 6 L with unbeaten Iowa still on the schedule for the day after Thanksgiving in Lincoln. I don’t remember a Nebraska football team that has such great swings between great and poor play. It is exemplified by Quarterback Tommy Armstrong. Within today’s game a clip of his great plays could be put together that would make him look like an "All American” but, another clip showing his 3 interceptions and some other plays, leave you wondering.  It will be interesting to read the papers in the morning to see what the “scribes” have to say. The terrorist attack in Paris last night helps put a college football game in perspective. This type of event makes us realize our vulnerability and the challenges to our security systems.

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