Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dr. Van in Haiti

Van and Becky along with Jack and Glennie, hosted the Magazine Club this evening. After hearing our Magazine articles, Dr. Van provided the program on a recent mission trip to Haiti. The group included pre-med students from Concordia with Van being the only MD. It’s hard to believe the primitive conditions that he described that were supported by pictures. Haiti has a population of some 9 million and shares an island in the Caribbean with the Dominican Republic. Haiti has suffer throug recent hurricanes which did untold damage to the land, forest and their ability to produce a livelihood for the masses. The country’s wealth is held by a very small portion of the population. The country was a French colony for some time and the inhabitants were victims of corrupt leadership following their independence. It is admirable that people like Dr. Van are willing to share their talents in helping people to the extent they can, but it takes a special person. The young college students along on the mission have had an experience they will never forget. It makes all of us appreciate just how fortunate we are.

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