Monday, November 9, 2015

Veterans Day at Seward Kiwanis

PeeWee Schulz was chair of the Kiwanis Veteran’s program at the meeting today. The communities of Beaver Crossing, Milford, Pleasant Dale, Garland, Seward, Utica, and Cardova were all well represented. A free Pac n Sav, Chicken Dinner was provided to each of the Veterans. The Kitones sang “American Heros” and “God Bless America”. Col. Jerry Meyer spoke on the “Gold Star Event” held this past weekend and progress being made in the Nebraska National Guard Museum here in Seward. Jerry is an excellent speaker and is devoted to helping young people understand “The Price of Freedom”. He showed a sample of Telegrams used during WWII to inform next-of-kin of the death of Servicemen and Women.
They have a collection of 150 such telegrams that are being utilized in one of the Museum’s exhibits. One of them involved a young man by the name of “Francis Delanney” who grew up here in Seward and lived in a house within a “stones throw” of the Museum. They are collecting photographs of as many as they can and preparing a “Wall of Fame”. Jerry indicated that he had met with several of the Veteran groups in their home locations but also utilized this meeting to invite stories from them that can be a part of exhibit. Elaine is preparing such information on a cousin who lost his life in the Battle at Saint Lo. It will be part of the “Corn Rows to Hedge Rows” story.  

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