Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Burn down or Restore

This old house at 411 north 3rd street is scheduled to be burned down by the City Volunteer Fire Dept. this Saturday. The owner has had “open house”  a couple times to provide an opportunity for salvage.  It is in the original residential area of the City and probably well over 100 years old. It is in the same neighborhood as a house my Great-Grandfather built after coming back to Seward after fighting for the Union Army in the Civil War. It is a much smaller house which has been updated on more than one occasion over the years. It is a very attractive little home and here is how it looks today. The “moral” of the story is that it is a lot easier and less expensive to provide the necessary maintenance and restoration to a small house than a large one.  I’m very pleased that we have a very few stately old homes that have been restored here is Seward during the past couple years but the cost has run to the millions for some. 

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