Friday, November 27, 2015

For the Birds

It took some years of getting up early and taking advantage of Black Friday bargains to learn a way of saving even more money. It comes rather naturally to those of us who have been around for quite a while. The secret is staying home and watching the birds in the backyard. Elaine told of seeing this fellow a couple days ago, but it came back to the feeder 3 times today. By the third time I had my camera ready and got several shots. While not experts, we believe it to be a Ladder-Backed Woodpecker. We did get down to Pac n Sav to buy a few groceries for the weekend but were home in time for the Iowa - Nebraska football game. I don’t remember a more frustrating season than what we have had this year with the play calling, the offense in general and the Quarterback interceptions in particular. I know the wind and  the weather was a factor today but  their ability to be so good at times, only adds to the frustration.

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  1. I must correct the naming of the Red-Bellied Woodpecker pictured in this page identified as a Ladder-Backed Woodpecker. The one pictured is a female which accounts for the lack of red at the top of the head.