Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bayer Crop Sciences Facility

As our new President of the Kiwanis Club of Seward, Josh Fields has brought some interesting innovations to the club meetings. He recognized that with our number of new members it would be well for everyone to become acquainted. For a couple meetings we got up from our table and met someone new. Yesterday, he asked each table to discuss what it means to be “engaged” with Kiwanis. It stimulated discussion among the 6 people at each of some 8-10 tables and a variety of good definitions were reported. It may have taken a few minutes from the Bayer Crop Science program presented by Sally Clayshuite, but she made a great presentation and was surrounded with people asking her questions after the meeting was adjourned. We in Seward County, Nebraska are very fortunate to have the International Bayer Company choose a 400 acre farm along I-80 for it’s 17 million dollar Research Facility and to be working cooperatively with the University of Nebraska for improved varieties of wheat and soybeans in the midwestern region.

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