Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Grandson

We have 5 Grandchildren with only one Grandson. He is in Indiana and celebrating a birthday today, Nov. 1. He is 63 younger than I.. His name is Anthony but has always been called “Tony”.  My Dad’s name was Anton and always called “Tony”. Though my name is Verlon, I too have been called Tony since High School days.  There is some physical resemblance between our Grandson and me at his age. I have given some thought to giving a talk as “Tony Vrana” pretending to be him in the year 2078, and tell people what it was like back when his Grandad was the age that he will be by then. I could start out by saying, “some of you may have heard your parents or Grandparents refer to a fellow by the name of Tony Vrana” and go on to say that, “ Would you believe that back in his day, the early part of this century, people even questioned man’s impact on climate change; genetic modification of food products was being questioned, Walmart had stores in every major community, we had never had a woman president and football was being played as a college sport”. You get the idea, I think with your help I could come up with many things that we take for granted today, that won’t be with us in 63 years. Some of them, the young people we never have heard of. Happy Birthday, Tony, you have a lot to look forward to. 

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