Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Changing Seasons

I have shown and written about our Japanese Maple before but this fall it has been especially outstanding. It’s located between the northwest corner of our house and the Blue Spruce. It’s leaves are a maroon color during the growing season but as fall approaches, they get brighter red with the declining temperatures. This picture was taken on 11/15/15. I took another on 11/19/15 out of our bedroom windows as shown below. Our low temperature so far was 11/22/15, Sunday morning when it dropped down to 22. I did some work in the yard this afternoon and there is hardly a leaf left on the tree . The ground below is covered with the beautiful bright red leaves.
In addition to my yard work this afternoon, I also did some “end of year” planning for tax purposes. This morning I got a haircut at “Bob’s”. There was a young man in the chair as I walked in and two other fellows came soon after. The Thanksgiving Holiday may have motivated the crowd, but this was just like old times with one in the chair and 3 waiting. The discussion was also very “open” as the Seward golf course, Presidential candidates and the winner of the 2 million dollar lottery over at Branched Oak were discussed. Among this “gray haired” crowd, Donald Trump was called a “salesman”. 

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