Wednesday, November 25, 2015

’Tis the Season

We took advantage of another nice day and put up outside Christmas decorations. I brought down the outside lights from the attic recently and had them in the house to get warm and be checked-out. Elaine helped string them out as I stood on the ladder and used the previously placed wires to tie them to the eave troughs. I used a double string on the porch railing so it lights up the entrance very well. The Chamber of Commerce “Lighted Holiday Parade” will pass in from of our house Saturday evening so we are all set for it.
Elaine did our little artificial Christmas tree inside. She keeps it stored in our lower level closet under the stairway along with a big box that holds the small boxes of items for her Christmas Village. The Village is traditionally placed on top of our dining room buffet. When Sadie and Jack visited us last Saturday, Sadie went along down with Elaine to where these things are stored and asked if Elaine could get the music box out for her. It surprised us to think that a 3-year old would have remembered the Christmas Music Box from a year ago when she was only 2. Some of us have trouble remembering what we are to pick up at the Grocery store if there are more than 3 items and we haven’t written them down. By-the-way, how many of you have your passwords written down to help remember them? 

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