Saturday, November 21, 2015

5th Anniversary and Great Grandchildren

This is the first blog page I posted, 5 years ago today. It told of Carolyn getting a new puppy. I followed up with this picture of Pip on her 3rd birthday.

Tonight's blog page is number 1,778.  I only put out 28 during 2010 and missed several days in 2011, but have not missed many since. I did do 365 in 2014 but have missed a couple days so far this year. I justify spending the time doing it in the hopes that our Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren can learn a bit more about us. But, I also do it for myself. Elaine has edited all of the blog pages and often helps with the research that goes into some of them. Even now I enjoy the “search” feature where all the pages containing a reference can be brought up by entering that reference, i.e. Kiwanis, baseball, etc. This was our coldest day of the fall. It was about 20 this morning and didn’t get over 30. But we certainly enjoyed the visit of John with Sadie and Jack this morning. Julie was busy with the Junior Women’s Craft Fair. Jack is doing real well standing by himself if he has a ball in his hand or anything to keep him from realizing what he is doing. Big sister is so proud of all the things she can teach him and he is a good student.

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