Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Golden Corral & other “First”.

We met Brother Don and Gladys here at the Golden Corral in Lincoln this noon for lunch. We had been there before but it had been some time ago. The noon Buffet is just fantastic. The number of choices is unbelievable. (And, it cost about the same as my regular catered Kiwanis lunch). We always have great visits catching up on family and local news. Some of our news occurred at our breakfast table this morning as we watched the winter’s first snow flakes fall. It didn’t accumulate but came down in “White Christmas” manner. Our morning was also “punctuated” by Elaine putting in her hearing aids for the first time. She had them “installed” and adjusted yesterday by the audiologist at Bryan and wore them during the rest of the day. While he had her put them on a couple times yesterday, doing it at home this morning was different. I hadn’t watched very closely yesterday and was probably more of a problem this morning than help. Fortunately she got them in after about a half hour of working at it. She has worn them all day as we visited with Don and Gladys  and shopped at Menard’s. She even visited with Tim over the phone this evening. I certainly admire her willingness to tolerate this “break in period” in anticipation of an improved life style. 

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