Friday, November 20, 2015

4th of July picnic

This was a typical 4th of July event at Soucek’s back yard. This happened to be in 1987 but similar gatherings occurred annually over a period of years. I apparently took the picture and Julie is setting in front of her Mother.  They are: (l-r) Carolyn, Gladys, Elaine, Eddy, Mother, Don, Dad and Vivian. We had many other happy family events in their back yard but the 4th was always a “given”. Seward has been known as the US Small Town, 4th of July City since action by Congress. Our small town of something over 7,000 swells to as much as 40,000 during the Holiday. Our house is at the beginning of the 4:00pm parade route so people would gather at our place to watch the parade and then go to Soucek’s for a picnic. Those were the good old days with our immediate family still in tact and I’m not sure we really appreciated it as much as we should have, at that time. 

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