Thursday, November 19, 2015

Florence and Tony’s Family, Christmas of ‘62

Here is a family Christmas picture that will bring back memories to Aunts and Uncles. We didn’t realize at the time how quickly we move from one generation to the next. Some of the little kids are now grandparents. And, there were several grandchildren added to this generation during the following few years. This picture came from Mother’s collection and was taken on her camera. We don’t know who may have taken it since we’re all on it and this was before the days of timers. We think the folks may have had college boys staying with them at that time but any other suggestions would be appreciated. We had moved to Arlington, VA, in July of 1962 and were most anxious to get back for a family visit at Christmas time. We continued to put high priority on getting back at Christmas time as well as once during the summer, during the 18 years that we were back east. Space doesn’t allow a description of all the road problems, weather and car problems we encountered, but all of the trips were very worthwhile. And, basically, we were very lucky. The Joys far offset the problems.

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