Monday, November 2, 2015

World Champion Royals

Salvador Perez is shown with the new Chevy he received for being selected as the MVP of the World Series. Royals manager Ned Yost said that his one regret was having taken him out in the 9th inning for a pinch runner but that contributed to their 7-2 victory and the World Championship. We are going through “withdrawal” tonight without having a baseball game to watch.  Dancing with the Stars hardly fills the bill. We will go to bed early after staying up late last night to watch even part of the celebration. I have been fighting a cold for the past several days but feel like I’m gaining on it. After not having been out of the house over the weekend, I did take Elaine down to buy some groceries this morning. I still didn’t feel like going to coffee nor to Kiwanis or Kitone practice this evening. I have an appointment with Dr. Linder in Lincoln tomorrow afternoon concerning possible Cataract surgery. Carolyn will be driving us down since my eyes are likely to be dilated. I trust that my cold will not affect his examination. 

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